WWMeteorites hunting team
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Documented witnessed falls

Beni M'Hira, first fall of the millenium 

(8 january 2001) 
Specimens with in situ pictures
and GPS coordinates !!!

Draveil, the last french meteorite 
Fell on a roof near Paris
13 jully 2011...

Specimen with a fragment of the broken tile

Terrestrial... but interesting

Nuvvuagittuq paragneiss, 4.28Ga !!! The oldest Earth rock...

With original  field data from the McGill university (Montréal) dicovered it



Nices thin and professionaly polished slices of this pallasite found Argentina.... at reasonable prices !

Carbonaceous chondrites

NWA 8267

Nice CM2 with very
low TKW (64.3g)

Enstatite chondrites

Sahara 97116

Enstatite chondrite 

Metal-rich reduced chondrite


 "Black Beauty"

The first martian basaltic breccia
contains 6000ppm non-terrestrial water !

A 2.089Ga old martian rock
(amazonian age)

NWA 7397

Martian Meteorite 

 Lherzolitic Shergottite

REE Enriched permafic rock
Full slices

NWA 8599 

Lunar Meteorite
Granulitic Troctolitic Breccia
Only 8 full slices for slae

NWA 5131 

Primitive achondrite, grouped to
Clan !!!

NWA 8264

Rare porphyritic eucrite
Pigeonite phenocrysts
Small TKW


NWA 8265

Diogenite with big orthopyroxens
Only few translucent
full slices !!!


NWA 8266

Eucrite melt, complete
slices and individuals


NWA 6933

Colorfull Eucrite melt

Coarse-grained eucritic clasts set in a dark gray matrix 


NWA 8263

Colorfull primitive chondrite
Type L3.5

NWA 8015

Shock Melted L5

Large veins of melted rock, shock darkened clasts and rare chondrules