WWMeteorites hunting team
Sahara 97116

Enstatite Chondrite


Full of free Nickel/Iron and chondrules

This meteorite and its pairing group have a total mass of ~28 kg. Mineralogy and classification (M. Bourot-Denise, MNHNP): olivine, 0.2–5.0 wt% FeO; pyroxene, 0.4–2.7 wt% FeO; kamacite, 3.3 wt% Ni, 2.4 wt% Si; troilite, 2.9 wt% Cr, 0.2 wt% Ti; schreibersite, 15.5 wt% Ni; niningerite, 25.1 wt% Mg, 11.6 wt% Mn; sphalerite, 2.7 wt% Mn; perryite, 3.3 wt% P; daubréelite, 35.1 wt% Cr, 14.4 wt% Fe, 5.5 wt% Zn; pyroxene in type II chondrules, 3.4–21.7 wt% FeO (eight chondrules).